Feb 24, 2010

Rain and Gong Yoo in Cosmo Men


Cosmo Men is full of hotties in March! World star Rain and just back from the military Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince) are making all the girlies want to pick up a copy of the men’s version of Cosmopolitan.
Refreshingly, Rain dropped the ninja act for some springtime fashions in the March issue of Cosmo Men in Korea.
The “Ninja Assassin” star won’t be giving up acting any time soon. Rain expressed, “I think that to men, even bad reviews are advice to grow.” He also shared, “I really want to try to do a character full of charisma, like Al Pacino’s ‘Scarface.’”
here's hot Oppa Gong Yoo~!!!!!.....

and Rain!!!!
courtesy of popseoul.com
whatta!!! eye candy lolzz...


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